From Rome to Madrid (with love) – Towards #Agora99

Short text and the events that we are building in Rome towards Agora99, as a result of a collaboration among different groups.


“All-in for our Europe!  From Rome Towards Agora 99 in Madrid

The debt crisis and the dismantling of rights keep relentlessly advancing in Europe. Regardless of the differences in intensity and tone, the processes of misappropriation and looting of social wealth, of impoverishment and emptying out of democracy keep flooding the European space like waves.

Since years and years, social movements have been experimenting ways to cooperate and  develop a common discourse directly at the transnational level. In particular, the cycle of struggles of the so-called “movement of movements” – from Seattle to Genoa – left us a significant wealth of experiences and conflictual practices on a global scale. Today, however, the scenario has radically changed, urging us all to set new routes and venture in unexplored territories.

The crisis of the European Union, as a part of the global crisis, has imposed from top-down a political and economic space marked by the rule of financial power over life itself – by ways of the debt-trap, of the weakening of the labour force and the disruption of social bonds, and through a new accumulation of capital at the expense of welfare. Such a space crumbles the national borders and deserts State sovereignty, calling upon us to make a choice: we either shut it down, or reverse its course.

We want to go for the latter. And that is why, now more than ever, we perceive the European space as a strategic horizon.

The second major change that needs to be taken fully into account is that of the Occupy movements – a generic and oversimplifying term, by which we mean the geography of struggles starting in Tahrir Square, hitting Puerta del Sol and making it all the way to the Brooklyn Bridge. A change in ways of struggling and living, a mass evasion from the neoliberal grammar that has expressed what is probably an unprecedented capacity to spread itself and contaminate others.

Combining all this into one picture, it seems clear to us that the need to build a European social movement cannot, by any means, be approached from a moderate perspective. A movement which should at the least aim at making it impossible to govern the realm of austerity and practice, from right here and now, a biopolitical alternative.

Last spring, together with other groups and collectives from the Euro-Mediterranean space,  we contributed to the Blockupy Frankfurt mobilisation. A first effort to expose the central role played by financial power in the disaster of the European crisis, and to express a transnational social coalition radically against the Troika. Somehow, we never really came home from Frankfurt. We realised that the time to develop a common European agenda of struggle has dramatically arrived.

However, our aspiration goes even beyond that. Besides working together on common mobilisations, we wish to substantiate new and continuous relations amongst us: a dense web of exchange and cooperation, a federation of self-managed experiences, of research, of conflictual and democratic practices disseminated through Europe which, together, can draw the route for real change.

This is why we will participate to the Euro-Mediterranean meeting of Agora 99, on November 2-4 in Madrid.

Because we have a lot to learn from the Spanish 15M movement, and a lot to imagine for the Italian movement. And, first and foremost, because we feel like betting it all on a European constituent dynamic. Going all-in, now that we have nothing left to lose.

Anomalia Sapienza- UnicommonRoma; Csa Astra 19; Csoa Corto Circuito; ESCatelier autogestito; Lab! Puzzle; Assemblea di Medicina – La Sapienza; Nuovo Cinema Palazzo; Point Break; Strike Spa; Teatro Valle Occupato.



>>> TOWARDS AGORA 99 <<<

Rome. Friday, October 26

h. 2:00 pm – Aula professori, Facoltà di Scienze Politiche, Università LaSapienza

“The Crisis, Movements and the European Constituent “

Public Meeting towards Agora 99 with Raul Sanchez, Universidad Nomada of Madrid and activist of the 15M movement.


h. 8:00 pm @ Strike SpA

“Occupy & Strike! From social centres to occupations of second generation”

An open session to explore correlations and discontinuities, differences and affinities between occupations as metropolitan practices to build the commons.

Towards the workshop “Spaces for Metropolitan Commoning” @ Agora99


>>> AGORA 99 Overflow Europe <<<

Madrid, November 2-4, 2012

Within the rich program of assemblies, meetings and workshops, we wish to mention two spaces of common work which we are contributing to develop together with other European experiences:


Friday, November 2, h. 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm  “Spaces for metropolitan commoning”

Saturday, November 3, h. 12:30 am – 02:30 pm Crisis and knowledge”


Source: squares mailing list.


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