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Ayman Qwaider

Slaughter in Gaza

Ayman Qwaider


For the last three days, Israel has been savagely launching aerial attacks on Gaza. The Israeli Air Force has conducted nearly 600 airstrikes resulting in at least 39 fatalities (including 10 children) and over 350 injuries, the vast majority of whom are civilians. The attacks are part of a larger and massively depressing spectacle of a usurping land-grabbing colony forcing a defenseless population into a wall-enclosed ghetto, and systematically starving and then bombing them.

The Israeli attacks across the Gaza Strip have entered their fourth day. I write this report while the sounds of incessant bombings, which have continued all over the last three days and throughout the nights.

This is a testimony from my sister in Gaza:

“In Gaza, there is no place to flee. Every one of us is waiting for his/her destiny. In other words, every single minute you have the…

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