Press release on police charges and protesters arrested in Rome – Italy. 14th November 2012, European general strike

Today in Rome over 50,000 students from university, school and precarious teachers have invaded the streets with demonstrations departing from different points of the city, to contest the austerity policies of Monti’s Government imposed by the BCE. In the day of the European strike all the atypical figures: students, unemployed and exploited have demonstrate an alternative to the Troika Government, reclaiming rights, liberty, jobs and a worthy future.

The demonstration had publicly declared the firm will to bring its own voice under the Parliament and Government palace, that from too much time are protected in red zones inaccessible to demonstrations. About fifty thousand of young people have crossed the city center invading the street along the river Tevere. They tried to bypass the blocks imposed by an unprecedented police deployment, conquering meter after meter the demonstration, risking, with determination, their own bodies.

For those who don’t agree with austerity program imposed by the finance the rights are over, and the police  violence is the only answer. Unbearably heavy, for the brutality of the beatings, but even more because 8 very young people were arrested and transferred to Regina Coeli and Rebibbia prison with insane accusations. We are talking about the Italian police: person as Mr. Izzo (vice-president of the Public Security Department) who is under investigation for mafia business, or Mr. Manganelli (President of the Public Security Department) involved in the G8 massacre of Genoa, with the gratitude of the Italian State.

Reading the newspaper headlines make us smile: many use expressions as “guerrilla” and “violence that has blacked out the protest reasons”. The reality is completely different. As it is clearly seen in the all videos published by the same daily newspapers, the police has charged the “Book Block” with an unprecedented violence, attacking the head of the demonstration. At the same time the police was breaking up the demonstration in different points, closing all the escape streets and making a real manhunt in the city center of Rome for many hours.

This public order management reminds the worst years in South America. Chasing young students, beatings systematically people on the ground, running the police trucks against the demonstration are acts of a unique violence, against which resist or try to resist is inevitable and legitimate. In this moment we demand political parties, trade unions and associations really to take a stand declaring unacceptable the violence that the police has perpetrated in the streets of Rome.

The Monti government in these days is demonstrating its true face: impossibility to dissent and police brutality in the streets.  A  government who doesn’t accept any young dissident voice. But all these young people, hundreds of thousands, went out in the streets to stop austerity, precarious work and the finance dictatorship.

We will back in the street very soon, because we are not afraid, as those who use hundreds of police against us.

You would not stop us!

Liberty for the students who are in jail! Freedom for everyone Now!


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