International activism against debt is growing. How to get involved!

Conclusions on Florence10+10, the Debt Audit groups attended:

And a great run up on feelings:

During Florence10+10, ICAN network had its second international meeting.  Organisations and grassroots movements working on debt are coming together.  There are two mailing lists on debt: one existing one for those focusing more on audits – in the ICAN network – and another just created (*) for coordinated actions, sharing information, ideas, etc.  We will think about how to bring them together once we see what dynamic comes out of the new one: – (link for signing up).

Ideas to start working on together:

1. Debt situation is different in every country, but there are common grounds to work on: illegitimacy of the debt mechanism itself, who owes who and how debts are linked through Europe, debt as a tool against democracy and rights, banks, etc.  We will work on illustrating the situation in each country and then building the bigger image.  See example from Spain (being translated to English!):  Later on find/build a site to put everything together.

2. There is a common day of action on the occasion of the EU Spring Summit, which will take place in Brussels on March 23rd. Coordinated actions throughout Europe could also take place.  There is a proposal of setting up a photograph exposition that shows the human face of austerity and tells another story of the crisis to mainstream media (simultaneous during these days across different cities in Europe).

3. There has been an offer from organisers to participate in WSF Tunis 26-30 March 2013 and link up with the Arab Spring.

Next international meeting on debt will be end of January in Thessaloniki, Greece! More info soon.



Source: email at squares mailing list.


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