Spain: If you really want to solve the evictions, listen to @La_PAH

The Spanish Congress decides on ratification or repeal of the “Royal Decree on urgent measures to strengthen the protection to mortgage debtors”, designated name to the recent evictions partial moratorium adopted by the Government.

PAH (Platform of People Afected by Mortgage) remember that this decree will not solve the problem of evictions, but may even make it worse.

First, this moratorium is insufficient because it excludes most people affected by requirements that are arbitrary and discriminatory (For example, will benefit a family with a child under three years, but not one in the same economic conditions with two children aged 4 years). All the people who may lose their home for economic reasons are vulnerable cases. Is significant that suicide cases for eviction in recent weeks, none of them would benefit from the decree.

Second, it does not address the debt problem: only provides a moratorium of eviction for two years maximum in a few cases. During that time, interest continue to increase and, when finish the moratorium, debt will be even higher. It does not say anything about the people already affected by the 400,000 foreclosures that have already been made ​​in Spain and those that opened this debate. Thousands of people sentenced to be banned for life financial, with unpayable and illegitimate debts.

Third, the decree can get worse the situation because it ignores all the people affected by eviction from primary residence, is a case of extreme vulnerability. Losing your home without where to go is the worst thing that can happen to a person or family. Therefore, all those affected are in a desperate situation. Considering this, the decree may cause some of these people end up attacking their own health to the requirement of “serious illness”, or decide to have a child to enter the category of “family with child up to 3 years “, or even the occurrence of false allegations of gender violence, as it is another criteria of” vulnerability “established by the decree. So, this measure can end up causing more damage than it was supposed to solve.

In any case, there is time to rectify. Even late, the drama of the evictions and mortgage debts that affects thousands of families requires urgent action to address the situation. Therefore, we urge the Government to listen to the PAH: if something we have is depth knowledge and experience in the field. Our demands are not only supported by most of the population and, unlike banks, our opinions are not contaminated by speculative interests but pursue the implementation of human rights and the general welfare.

If you really want to solve the problem, listen to the PAH

Signed by PAH (Platform of People Afected by Mortgage)

Original Letter to the Congress

Source: [sp]


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