BARCELONA #15M Newsletter nr 43

Hello from Barcelona,

This is the (almost) weekly newsletter that will inform you about the activities of 15M movement in Barcelona, Catalonia and occasionally the main events in Spain. If you do not wish to receive it anymore, please say so.

1. Hangar: multidiscipinary arts projects to let culture flow
2. Toddlers also have rights!
3. Not on our behalf


The lack of spaces to research and develop art projects in Barcelona lead the AAVC- Associació d’Artistes Visuals de Catalunya (Catalan Visual Artists Association) to create Hangar .

Hangar started off by renting an old textile factory in Poblenou (a neighbourhood in Barcelona) and it has expanded to the three empty industrial buildings  which the City Hall assigned to the project. Now, with a total surface of 2,600 m2, Hangar offers spaces  for coworking, workshops, offices, multi-use rooms, recording sets, dressing rooms, production rooms and a complete lab for multimedia and free software are combined with a residence with four rooms. All this is to facilitate the artist’s access to material and technical resources and to provide an experimental environment where the knowledge flows freely.

Hangar offers equipment and studio rental, technical assistence and councelling in production for art projects, but it also developes research projects, has its own activities and  an educational programme. It participates internationally in other research projects, and gives exchange grants to artists so they can become residents in other projects, mostly abroad. And for those who are not part of the project, every Thursday Hangar is open for non-resident artists and art researchers to share projects involving electronics or receive feedback from engineers.

Multidisciplinarity, free software, reseach, developement, computing and robotics are  some key words for this project. To keep up with the leatest ideas in all these areas, Hangar stablishes colaborations with experimental collectives, universities, research centers such as Barcelona’s Biomedical Research Park, PRBB  and other  organisations and programmes which share its objectives, methodology and contents. All you can need for a free exchange of culture, science and knowledge.


Twitter account: @HangarBCN


The Plataforma 03 (Platform 03) is the union of  several citizen collectives  that joined to defend the public education model for 0 to 3-year-olds and its supplementary services for  infants in Barcelona, against the latest decisions of the Government.

Indeed the Catalonian government decided to increase the cost for parents, to reduce the number of carers, increasing consecuently the amount of children per educator, with the result of a decay in educational support. Also they intend to privatize 3 Bressol Schools (Bressol means cot in Catalan) and stop building new ones.

On April 17th, around 300 people from the platform met at St. Jaume Sq. (where the governamental buildings of the region and the city hall are) to pacifically protest and to deliver the Town Hall a Popular Initiative proposal  to defend public Bressol Schools, calling off the last “reform” and asking for more economical support. The Initiative was signed by 25,916 people, more than double the indispensable signatures to present a Citizen Initiative.

Infants, like the elderly, disabled and inmigrants, can be considered as a “weak category” that cannot properly defend itself and its rights. This is not a good reason to take advantage on them, like governments seem to do all around with their last policies, budget cuts and reforms. It is time for the would-be-weaker citizens to fight back and claim their rights!


Video and Pics 


  • Accounts: @plataforma03 @bressolRebelat @SOSbressol
  • HT:  #defensemel03


After many years of activity, almost 1.5 million signatures collected and a lot of work with families, lawyers, and economists, the ILP (Popular Legislative Initiative ,  see NL#12, 2  ) for housing rights proposed by PAH (Platform of those affected by the mortgage, see NL#19, 4 ) had to be voted in the Spanish parliament.

The parliament is taken in its majority by one single party, the PP (Popular Party), which is right winged and completelly against social movements. The spokespeople of the party already tried to say that the PAH was using “terrorist tactics” and even said that their strategy, the escrache (see NL#42, 2 ), it was “pure nazism” . Nobody took too much notice, except for the Amical Mauthausen association of survivors from the Nazi concentration camps, who sent a letter to the general secretary of the PP calling her ignorant and asking for her resignation.

In front of this, the prediction was clear: the parliament was not going to approve the Initiative. But at the end it was even worse: the government made its own law proposal, that actually doesn’t protect any more rights than the financial institution’s interests. They were going to approve that text instead, promoting it as a people’s victory.

So the PAH decided to withdraw the Initiative that same day, an action with the slogan No en nuestro nombre! (Not on our behalf) to make people understand what the government was really doing. They also called for a concentration in front of the parliament in Madrid, and many other cities joined with demonstrations in the whole country. The repression was intense in the capital, many fines and lots of identifications.

But, once again, the PAH will note give up. Evicted people deserve a decent housing, it is a basic and simple human right which even the Spanish constitution recognizes. It has to be respected. If not with new laws it will have to be with new home liberations.


Video and pics

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    • Account @LA_PAH
    • HT #ExigimosNuestraILP #SíSePuede
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