BARCELONA #15M Newsletter nr 44

Hello from Barcelona,

This is the (almost) weekly newsletter that will inform you about the activities of 15M movement in Barcelona, Catalonia and occasionally the main events in Spain. If you do not wish to receive it anymore, please say so.

1. Universities’ disobedience goes on for the future of public University
2. Citizen-managed cultural center: Ateneu de Nou Barris
3. Actions and activities marathon on the square and the streets: 10M-15M 



On April 17th several direct actions took place in different university campuses as a call for disobience. While there were protests on the campus of the UPC ( Politechnich university of Catalonia ), the hall of the historical building on University Square at the UB (University of Barcelona) was taken by students to block a meeting of the Government Council of the University, which was going to approve cuts on human resources and on a number of faculties, departments and even students. During the afternoon of the 17th, the UPF ( Pompeu Fabra University ) held a protest to block a meeting and a conference of the Rector and the Ex-Minister Miguel Ángel Moratinos. It was heavily supressed by the police. At the UAB Autonomous University of Barcelona ) campus of Bellaterra, a half-an-hour train ride from Barcelona, the rectorate was indefinitely occupied by students. Two days later a few teachers and workers joined the sit-in.

All of the protests happened for the same reason:

Universities have been struggling for a long time with precarious work and the mercantilization of knowledge (See NL #41,1 ). More than 350 workers (teachers, administration and services) are going to be fired in the UPC alone. There is hope though: The pressure of students, teachers and workers acting together lead to the resignal of the Rector on April 25th.

The PUDUP (United Platform for the Defense of Public University) went to the home of the conciliour of Economy and Knowledge (on which Universities depend) Andreu Mas-Colell on April 24th to perform an Escrache (see NL#42,2 ), and the UAB rectorate is still occupied. Universities attended, as well, the demonstration on April 28th to protest against the budgets which are going to be approved at the Catalan Parliament, which could represent cuts around 3.4 billion euros. The demonstration united 80,000 people from several platforms of public services, 15M activists and neighbourhood associations.

The budgets are being discussed these days in the Catalan Parliament, while on the streets the movilization grows, specially among the public sector. All campuses together, with the involvement of professors, workers and students, are answering to that threat.


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The Ateneu de Nou Barris is a popular cultural center born from the determination of neigbours in Nou Barris, Barcelona, to have a home for cultural projects in the neighbourhood. Although 60% of its expenses is covered with public money, the Ateneu is self-managed by the neighbours in a horizontal, democratic way through what they call citizen management, with an association called El Bidó de Nou Barris: they are organized in several commissions, as is typical in this kind of management, and they are based on volunteer work.

The Ateneu’s cultural, artistic, social and educational activities are carried out to improve creativity, participation, solidarity and social cohesion among people. Its aim is to potentiate the creation of a non-mercantilistic and socially committed perspective, supporting  young creation and the emerging of cultures and cooperation. As it is within the Xarxa de Fàbriques de Creació de Barcelona (Barcelona Art Factories Network), it offers artistic spaces such as a theater and rehearsal rooms.

Following the tradition of alternative circus workshops in Barcelona, the Ateneu collaborates with La Central del Circ (The Circus Central), a space of creation and training for Circus professionals. There is even a circus school focusing on the differently-abled and children. Among their activities there are initiation workshops for the Social Circus and a special class for teenagers.

On May 4th-5th,  “La Cultura Va de Festa” (Culture goes partying) hosts days of concerts, circuses, artistic performances, flee markets, and workshops. The event is organized by the Ateneu and the Nou Barris cultural coordinator.

The survival of centers like this is at risk these days due to cutbacks in social programs and culture budgets. Culture is under attack by being subjected to the condition of giving profit, the horrendous idea that if something does not make money then it it is not valuable. Our communties are of more value than euros.



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May 15th marks two years from the demonstration which triggered the acampadas. A group of people, coming from different collectives, are meeting every two weeks, since February 23rd, in Parc de la Ciutadella to coordinate the different actions and activities that will take place from May 10th to 15th.

Right now the agreements they have reached are:

  • There is going to be a permanent assembly on Catalunya square from May 10th to May 12th. Several collectives and neighbourhood associations are going to have a stand there to share information.
  • Conferences on the problems Public Health cuts are bringing, on the huge scam the Debt is, on banksters… are going to take place on the 11th and 12th and universities are going to organise lectures on the street on the 14th.
  • On May 11th a big assembly will take place at the end of the day
  • On May 12th there is a call for a demonstration in most big cities in Spain. In Barcelona, it is going to start at 18h in Plaça Catalunya. Neighbourhood assemblies will march in big columns from their main squares. It will start with a theatre performance and several actions are expected during the demonstration and at the end of it. The slogan will be: “Let’s stop financial genocide, together we can!” (Aturem el genocidi financer, juntes podem).
  • The following three days, decentralized actions by the different collectives and neighbourhood assemblies are going to happen all over the city.

Finally, as through 2 years of actions make activists feel like a family, the 3 main spaces in the Square will be named after 3 dear fellow activists who died this last year. This will make them be once again with us all, fighting for a better society.


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