#StopG8, week of action in #London, 10th – 14th June. Get involved!

StopG8 is organising a week of action, including workshops, gigs and
cultural events in June. There is also a major day of action on Tuesday 11
June in the West End, the ‘J11 – Carnival against Capitalism’. There’s
lots to do and we need more people to get involved.

This is the time to come and take on jobs. The final national gathering
will be in London on 25th and 26th May (venue tba, see network23.org/stopg8/).

We need: artists, rabble rousers, musicians, fly-posters, fundraisers,
trouble makers, social media geeks, promoters, kitchen crew, people to
hold down a convergence space, and more.

Local London organising meetings will take place every Monday 6:30pm at
LARC (62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, London, E1 1ES)

More info on StopG8:

The UK is hosting the G8 conference in Fermanagh on 17-18th June in the
North of Ireland. The Stop G8 network has come together to oppose it and
to take action against capitalism.

The G8 is a meeting of the leaders of the eight ‘most powerful’ nations,
held annually. It will be used to discuss strengthening international
capitalism and as a photo opportunity to give the impression of benevolent
leadership. Any real solutions to the problems we face can’t involve
institutions as undemocratic as the G8. The real problem is capitalism; in
order to fight austerity, exploitation and the destruction of the planet
we have to challenge the G8 leaders instead of lobbying them.

Stop G8 has already made an international callout for participation in a
week of action from the 10th-14th June in London, leaving space for people
to go to Ireland. We are also planning a programme of cultural events to
coincide with the week of action and convergence space in London from the
8th-15th June.

We are holding a Carnival against Capitalism (#J11) in the West End of
London on 11 June, under the slogan “One Common Struggle”. There are also
mass actions planned on the 12th, 13th and 14th of June, see
https://network23.org/stopg8/week-of-action/ for a list.

We need your help to make all this happen!

To propose items for the agenda, request accommodation in London or for
more info please contact stopg8@riseup.net



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