BARCELONA #15M Newsletter nr 46

Hello from Barcelona,

This is the (almost) weekly newsletter that will inform you about the activities of 15M movement in Barcelona, Catalonia and occasionally the main events in Spain. If you do not wish to receive it anymore, please say so.

1. Once again so say we all: Fuck the Troika! June 1st demos
2. Clean up the Med!
3. Spain is a Country where you can be jailed for your way of thinking


On the 1st of June there is an international call for protest against the Troika, under the main idea, translated into several different languages,of “Fuck the Troika”. At the same time the international group Blockupy Frankfurt is going to block the central bank during the period beetwen may the 30th and june the 1st as they did last year.
The response is expected to be massive for this European demonstration against austerity policies and the sumbission of the governments to the dictatorship of the markets over people’s lives.

In Barcelona the motto will be different to the one decided during the meeting in Lisbon in April, 26th (People united against the troika) as this demonstration will be only a small part of a bigger campaign against the budgets of the Generalitat, the local government, which are foreseen to be the most anti-social budgets in the Democratic period, with cuts of more than 7 billion euros. Catalunya, one of the most indebted regions in Spain, justifies these cuts with the solvency of the region, which actually means that the budget cuts are needed to pay the interests of the debt and the bonus that are due to be paid this year. That is why the slogan is “We won’t pay their debt, fuck the troika, together we can”.

The demonstration will cross the whole city center, highlighting hotspots of the budgets cuts and repression such as the Education HQ, EU delegation, some political parties headquarters, universities, etc, joining different sectors in struggle such as Health Care, Education, Working rights, Universities, Anti-repressive groups, Welfare office workers, Culture, certain neighbourhood assemblies, alternative unions and platforms. On the previous days to the demonstration some of the groups are preparing actions to warm their way up to the demo.

The following months the organizers will try to make visible all the campaigns already going on and the new ones, resisting against any negotiation which means just more cuts on social issues.


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Since 1995, the Italian NGO Legambiente launches an international call every year to clean the coast of the Mediterranean for one day: It is a way to build conciousness about the trash we generate with our consumption and which very often arrives to the seas, causing serious damage to the environment and even to our health. More than 150 places in the whole country participated, coordinated by Ecologistes en acció (Ecologists in action). Badalona, a town nearby Barcelona, picked up their cleaning tools on May 26th, specially focused on plastic waste.

There, it was organized  with the collaboration of a local diving Club (SASBA).Ecologists, environment activists, fishermen and citizens in general worked together to clean up a section of a beach. Three groups started the work: one on the beach, some scuba divers in the water, and fishermen with their nets. The volunteers classified the residues so they could identify where they are coming from, explain the threat they mean and find solutions: On the beach, 90% of the bags of rubbish collected were composed of plastic waste, packages mainly. Meanwhile, the group of divers found mostly fishing stuff and sanitary towels. The fishermen with their nets caught almost 100% of sanitary towels.

Then, with the contents of the bags, scientists showed the people on Badalona’s seafront promenade which are the risks of throwing these objects to the sea, not only for the environment but to our health. The main idea is to gather people’s support to force a change in the consumption model, which uses a lot of packaging, and dispensable products. Among the alternative systems of rubbish control proposed, recovering the tradition of deposits and returning the packaging after use was one of the options to decrease the production of waste.

As a fisherman said, “A change of habits is needed, and it has to come through cititzen awareness and environmental education, which is essential in new generations”. Showing alternatives to this trash generation and making people understand the importance of environmental care are the first steps to achieve this change.



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On 15th of May Yolanda, Silvia, Juan, Xabier and José were arrested at their homes, in the province of Barcelona, by order of the Spanish National Court in a police operation that resulted also in the smashing and seizure of material from Catalan anarchists’ premises.

Accused of committing the crimes of being members of a terrorist group, praising terrorism, recruitment, indoctrination and storage of explosive substances, they are currently remanded in custody in Soto del Real prison (Madrid).

The five people are considered by Spanish National Court dangerous anarchists based on

  • Their involvement in Facebook pages (such as Bandera Negra and Front Solidari de Barcelona among others) that the state and regional police consider to be “terrorist gangs”, though no activity outside the social networks has been proved
  • Their attendance at demonstrations in which there have been incidents and sharing of opinions “that have aimed to disseminate subversive ideas and to incite and/or commit crimes against State and capitalist interests” (Writ 17/05/2013).
  • Accusation reinforced by the material seized in their homes: Flags and shirts with anarchist iconography, an ACAB sweatshirt, libertarian philosophy books, gasoline from the garage, screws of various kinds, Valencian firecrackers and rockets whose marketing is legal.

In connection with these events, several platforms organized to protest demanding  freedom for the five, whose purpose is the dissemination and reporting of the unfair situation in which the so-called “5 anarchists” are.
They are demanding the inmediate release of the five as there are no evidences of any terrorist activity and such charges are “ridiculously disproportionate and extremely unfair, which demonstrates once again the lack of validity of the current political system” in association with the lack of independence of the judical system, which every day more people see as a puppet of political interests, which in turn is at the total service of economical ones.

The arrests and continued detentions all around the Country clearly reflect a desire of a repressive and ideological persecution to those who reject the current political regime.This is absolutely unacceptable and unjustifiable in a real democracy. But this is what people are fighting for, a real democracy now.



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