#GlobalSquare reports from the World Social Forum 2013

Minutes of GlobalSquare assemblies @ World Social Forum 2013, Tunis A summary of the events and evaluation notes will be published soon!

News and personal reflections on GlobalSquare/WSF

Declarations & documents from the WSF and side events

Blogs, reports, analysis & opinion on the WSF

“The World Social Forum was formed long before the movements of the  Indignados or Occupy, with their focus on participative decision-making  and ‘taking politics to public spaces’. Probably the best aspect of this  WSF was the handing over of an outside space to a group of  international activists from Occupy and the Indignados, working with  local groups, as the Global Squares Movement.” Nick Dearden

Pictures from the WSF

Audio from the WSF

Video from the WSF


Túnez, la primavera de la dignidad/ Foro Social Mundial 2013 from alberto almansa on Vimeo.


Media/press about the WSF:

Source: http://www.global-square.net/globalsquare-reports-from-the-world-social-forum-2013-tunis/

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