Updates from #Turkey and a VIDEO gallery

Dear Comrades,

The June Days of the massive mass mobilization in Turkey continue. Last Saturday (22.06) hundred thousands gathered in Taksim Square for commemorating martyred comrades of the resistance.


However while people were leaving the Square peacefully at 8 pm, police once again attacked over crowds and until morning, people clashed against police. On Sunday, hundred thousands met in Kadıköy to commemorate the 20thyear of the Sivas Massacre in which Islamist fascist groups surroundeda hotel in Sivas city and killed 40 progressive intellectuals and artists by burning them who had been there for a festival.

In Ankara as well, ten thousands gathered to protest government andpolice attacked over people. In Izmir, Eskişehir, Bursa and many other cities and towns people insist on their rights and liberties.

Taksim Solidarity, a coalition compose of over 120 mass organizations including DISK, declared that struggle will continue until thefundamental demands are achieved. On Saturdays, people will gather in main squares of cities and everyday at 9 pm, there will be massmeetings in public parks in each district where people discuss and share their ideas as a democratic platform of the direct democracy.

From the other hand, PM Erdogan organizes counter mass meetings against the mass mobilization, aiming to consolidate its support and polarize the society. He repeatedly lies and insults to protestors by exploiting religious and national feelings of the society by claiming that protestors were drinking alcohol in mosques and attacking women wearing headscurfs which are proved to be wrong. Additionally, government started a “witch hunt” and arrested over 100 people.

It is estimated by Taksim Solidarity that almost 10 million people participated to the protests. Yesterday Ministry of Interior stated that in 79 cities (there are 81 cities in Turkey), 2.5 million people joined demonstrations. However it is clear that in Istanbul over 2 million gathered in Taksim Square. However if it was even 2.5 million, this also demonstrates the fact that this is the biggest challange to the authoritarian-one man rule of the AKP Government.

The June Days of the mobilization of the society in Turkey also provided inspiration to the art and many artictic groups showed their creativity to support democratic and peaceful uprising of people. Below you may find some of the most known musical products of the June

In solidarity, Orsan


the song written and composed by turkish artists living in ew york

the song composed by the well known Turkish classical music composer Fazil Say:

people chanting: “pepper gas, oleyy”:

music group “kardeş türküler” with english sub title

turkish famous rock group “Duman” composed a song for the resistance

Boğaziçi University Jaz Group singing at the Gezi Park

“everyday i am chapulling- remix” Chapul:looter)

Middle east technical university classical music group

spanish song “la chapullita” (Pm told us chapulcu (looter)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrKYvlvk3o4 and turkish version

famous turkish pop singer nazzan oncel’s resistance song

istanbul gas festival

more gas, more struggle againts the dictator

a black sea song for the resistance

turkish protestors defending them from police by caterpillar

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