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21 August, 2013

A week of resistance at Ofelia Nieto 29



The fight of the Gracia-Gonzalez family against Madrid’s city hall tear down threat accomplishes one week. It was in the morning of August 14th when the city police arrived to their home at Ofelia Nieto 29 with the intention of tearing down the building. The reason is 6 squared meters of sidewalk that new urbanistic regulations put over their property in 2004. Since then the family has been fighting against Madrid’s city hall. But police found more than seventy housing right activists inside the house. They were called to camp in the penthouse the night before and some of them even clamped themselves to the roof.

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23 July, 2013

Invitation to Reclaim the Power – 16-20 August – West Burton


Dear Friends,

We are writing to invite you to Reclaim The Power,  a direct action camp being held near West Burton in Nottinghamshire from Fri 16 – Tues 20 August.

It’s a step towards something very exciting; a coalition of non-violent direct action groups from across the spectrum of environmental, economic and  social justice campaigns. Occupy has been involved in its planning, alongside members of UKUncut, Disabled People Against the Cuts, Fuel Poverty Action, Pensioners Action Groups, Climate Camp, Frack Off and Black Activists Against The Cuts.


Camp life

We  are striving to create a beautiful space that will be empowering to  all who want to seek solutions and take action on the social, economic, and climate crises.  All should feel able to participate regardless of age, disability, or previous activist experience. Once there, it will  be up to everyone who attends to get stuck in and help sustain the camp; you don’t need to bring any skills, just bring your energy and  enthusiasm!

The camp will be organised into four villages; these will be  mini-communities where you can pitch your tents, eat, and socialise.  Villages will hold daily morning meetings where important information  will be shared and any necessary decisions taken. All camp meetings will  run through an open, inclusive, and participatory process known as consensus decision making; this seeks to ensure all voices are heard and everyone is happy with meeting outcomes.

Things to bring: tent, sleeping bag, warm clothes, toothbrush/paste, loo roll, sunblock, waterproofs, a torch, and a desire to change the world.

Things not to bring: food (no need), dogs (except from support  dogs which are more than welcome), knives (unwise), and belief that  nothing can change.

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22 July, 2013

Keep moving / Let’s meet in #Frankfurt! Invitation to #Blockupy’s European Action Conference

Invitation in English as pdf (38,9 kB)
Invitation in German as pdf (97,5 kB)

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October 25th to 27th in Frankfurt/M.
Against the European austerity regime, against the rule of the EU-Troika, for the Europeanisation of our resistance and for real democracy: Blockupy 2013 – they were intense and powerful days of collective action and resistance. Our many disobedient actions highlighted the ways in which the politics of crisis and impoverishment affect our lives and the lives of millions of people around the world.

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14 July, 2013

PRESS RELEASE FOR THE Occupy Wall Street (Inter) National Gathering: decolonize the 99%

AUGUST 21-25



Occupy Wall Street (Inter) National Gathering: decolonize the 99%
Attendance encouraged by all Occupiers and interested parties. From August 21 to 25, 2013, Occupy Kalamazoo will be hosting the second annual Occupy National Gathering, building on last summer’s historic Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia, PA. This first gathering culminated in a visioning session based on the question “what does a democratic future look like to you?” on July 4, 2012.  This year, there is a focus on bringing together the Occupy movement with people of color, indigenous peoples, and those too often marginalized, even within the movement.  Even our name is controversial—Occupying Wall Street is one tactic,  but we recognize that America was occupied by colonizers and the struggle for liberation from colonization continues.  We believe that it is time to figure out how to work together against “the 1%”—those unreconstructed corporatists who refuse to acknowledge the harm that has been done to the Earth and her residents, and that is ongoing. To that end, we came to consensus on a new name for our event:  the Occupy Wall Street (Inter) National Gathering: Decolonize the  99%.  This name recognizes our roots with Occupy Wall Street as well as acknowledges the injustice the United States’ forbears brought to this continent and our solidarity with decolonization.

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13 July, 2013

Police attacks the new occupied social center in Kraków #PustotanyWręceMieszkańców

Opening of the squat

Opening of the squat

On Saturday, 13/07/2013 at approx. 5 p.m. a police patrol drove up at the squatted building at Worcella Str. 8. Seeing one of the residents in the window, they asked him to approach the door. Two people approached the police car parked nearby, and having their data written down, the officers searched them and arrested (moment of the arrest: the video below). When the police tried to get inside, four people managed to leave the building without being seen. When they got to the police station to get information about detained colleagues, they found out that they had been released. The police destroyed their phones, and then bullied them. It is not known what will be the legal consequences of this incident, we are waiting for further developments.

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31 May, 2013

#GlobalSquare reports from the World Social Forum 2013

Minutes of GlobalSquare assemblies @ World Social Forum 2013, Tunis A summary of the events and evaluation notes will be published soon!

News and personal reflections on GlobalSquare/WSF

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29 May, 2013

People United Against Troika, on June 1st 2013


6 May, 2013

Back to the Streets on May at Barcelona


The May 15th 2011, millions of people started a process of social change, giving a clear and unmistakable signal that we are not merchandise in the hands of politicians and bankers, we have been publicly and massively expressing that the representative democracy is dying. The political class have not understood the message. Despite the growing protests and the outcry of upset people, these ruling classes are using this crisis to plunder the common wealth, risking the lives of people.

Capitalism has decided to cancel democracy and now the bankers rule us. Clearly, this 1% of the population is the legalized crime in power. The current political system leads us to disaster and we have to be the 99% who take the helm of our destiny. We demand a constituent power to recover the sovereignty that belongs to us. Therefore, on May 12th and 15th, after a 2 years protesting, we return to the streets with legitimate demands and we will continue building the alternatives.

Face to repression and blockades imposed on us from the institutions we will require a list of minimum points, since it is endangering the integrity of population with inhumane measures.

In order to guarantee the right to the existence of  the 99%, we demand:

1. Not a single euro to rescue the banks. Citizen Audit of debt. We will not pay illegitimate debt created by those who caused the crisis.

2. Public, free and a quality Education and Health Care System. No cuts in welfare, not to the privatization of public services. Not repayment.

3. Fair distribution of job and wealth. Not to the precariousness. No retirement at 67. Removal of the Labor Reform. Assessment of reproductive work, domestic and care.

4. Guaranteed right on access to adequate housing. Retroactive dation in payment. Social rental housing. Promotion of housing cooperatives.

5. Tax reform that allows fairly redistribute the wealth that we produce among all.  Basic Income for everyone.

6. Protection of the rights of assembly, demonstration, strikes, association and all civil liberties including the right to your own body.


Therefore, on May 12th and 15th we have been organized demonstrations everywhere and a consumer strike.


#12M15M Barcelona


Friday May 10th
All day, Action ‘Papers your bank’
18:00 Press Conference
19:00 Reoccupation of Catalunya Square (with the Set Up of different Tables and Info Tents from Neighborhood Assemblies, Commissions, Collectives…)

Saturday May 11th
All day, talks and info-exchange from Neighborhood Assemblies, Commissions, Collectives…
19:30 Potbanging
20:00 General Assembly

Sunday May 12th
11:00 Constituent Assembly
16:30 Street Theater: ‘The three gilts evicted’ by  ‘Teatre sobre la marcha’
18:00 Start of the DEMO ‘Stop financial genocide, together we can!’

From the night of May 12th until 15th, actions are decentralized. Each neighborhood, town, village, commission or working group will generate its own events and announcements.





30 April, 2013

#London – Global Skills Exchange June 8-9


From the uprising in northern Africa to the assemblies in Spain, followed by the spreading of Occupy, new social movements have sprung up all over the world. Our structures, ways of organising and tactics are still in their embryonic form: working through experimentations and learning from the inevitable difficulties. To progress and strengthen these processes, it is important that we come together to reflect on them and build visions.

Therefore, we invite you to participate in GlobalSkillsXChange in London this June.

Workshops will take place on the weekend of the 8th and 9th of June, followed by a week of actions and events for democracy, against G8*. We will share tools, skills and experience to take back to our local struggles, while defining common projects/actions/campaigns for global collaboration – moving away from capitalism and fake democracy towards fair, sustainable futures.

The event will focus on 4 axes:

  • Real democracy, assemblies and horizontal organising
  • Economical, social and political alternatives
  • Strategies of resistance and action
  • Online platforms/resources/tools
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11 March, 2013

#18M Llamamiento a concentrarse frente a embajadas españolas por la aprobación de la ILP sobre Desahucios @PAH_BCN



Foto: @groundpress
Hola a todxs desde la PAH de Barcelona,

Como muchxs de ustedes tal vez ya conocen, este mes está en discusión en el
Congreso y el Senado Españoles la tramitación de la Iniciativa de
Legislación Popular  (ILP) que propuso la PAH avalada con mas de un millón
y medio de firmas. La ILP es una propuesta de ley que posibilitaría la
dación en pago retroactiva, el alquiler social y la moratoria de los
desahucios. Sin embargo, el Partido Popular, que tiene mayoría absoluta en
el congreso, ya ha adelantado que votará en contra del texto que se ha
propuesto. Por esta razón desde Barcelona y el resto del estado Español se
están realizando varias acciones de presión social para demostrar al actual
gobierno que la mayoría de la población (más del 88%) apoya la ILP de la

En conversaciones con el DAL de Paris hemos pensando en realizar una acción
internacional conjunta a la que quisiéramos que se sumen todos los
colectivos afines con los que hemos colaborado en los últimos años. El
objetivo es demostrar que las propuestas de la PAH tienen un amplio apoyo

La acción sería el día *18 de marzo* frente al mayor número posible de
embajadas españolas, solicitando que se apruebe la ILP de la PAH. La idea
principal es presionar al gobierno desde dentro de España así como desde
fuera ahora que esta por decidirse el futuro de la ley hipotecaria en

Nos encantaría que se sume el mayor número de colectivos posible y
esperamos poder contar con ustedes. Es importante para nosotros demostrar
al gobierno español el apoyo que existe a nivel internacional. Esperamos
poder contar con ustedes!

Seguimos en contacto,

Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca (PAH)