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22 July, 2013

Keep moving / Let’s meet in #Frankfurt! Invitation to #Blockupy’s European Action Conference

Invitation in English as pdf (38,9 kB)
Invitation in German as pdf (97,5 kB)

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October 25th to 27th in Frankfurt/M.
Against the European austerity regime, against the rule of the EU-Troika, for the Europeanisation of our resistance and for real democracy: Blockupy 2013 – they were intense and powerful days of collective action and resistance. Our many disobedient actions highlighted the ways in which the politics of crisis and impoverishment affect our lives and the lives of millions of people around the world.

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11 June, 2013

#Blockupy Frankfurt 2013: Analysis and evaluation from Finns

Tervehdys/hey/hola/ciao/hallo/ kaikille/all/todxs/tutt*/alle,

the handful of Finns who were in Frankfurt got home safely. We have spent the last week editing videos and writing reports of the days, as well as sharing our feelings, thoughts and ideas on what took place and what we thought should be reconsidered. Hopefully this message reaches you all well, and connects with other evaluations presented, such as the ones done by some of the Italians. ( By a quick, googletranslated reading, it seems to have common crossing points with our evaluation, even if the point of views expressed differ.


Thank you Kelly and Corinna for gathering the thoughts from the coalition and for presenting many important points to follow up; especially the request to write down minutes on the happenings and the planning of a virtual transnational meeting to compensate for the one that didn’t take place on Saturday.

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6 June, 2013

Impressions from Blockupy Frankfurt



On Saturday, June 1st 2013, 20000 people gathered in Frankfurt (Main), Germany’s financial centre and headquarters of the European Central Bank (ECB) and many other banks, to protest against the fierce austerity politics of the Troika (ECB), European Commission and International Monetary Fund (IMF). Simultaneously, there were protests announced in more than 80 cities in 11 countries with the slogan “People United Against the Troika”. This was the second Blockupy event after successful blockades in May 2012.

The march in Frankfurt proceeded for about 20 minutes, and was then stopped by the police. The police charged the rows just behind the front of the demonstration without warning and for no apparent reason. 1052 protesters were kettled by the police. Old and young people were brutally beaten with batons, and masses of pepper spray were sprayed by the police. 200 protesters were injured, including several journalists, and some had to be taken to hospital. The police attacked journalists despite visible press cards. Medics were obstructed when trying to help injured protesters, and the medical treatment area was overrun by policemen.

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13 May, 2013

Call to Participate in #Blockupy 2013 in #Frankfurt May 30th to June 1st, struggles against the #Troika


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From the crisis’ edges to the power’s core

International Call to Participate in Blockupy 2013 in Frankfurt May 30th to June 1st and other struggles against the Troika

Everywhere we resist and revolt against the crisis and its governance, we put strength in living struggles and conflicts, and on these pillars we build and weave a new Europe that is born from grassroots.

The Europe we live in, far from the noble thoughts that might have inspired it once upon a time, has been built by a top-down process, driven by pacts and agreements among governments. This has taken place within the framework of neo-liberal ideology, under strong pressure to please financial markets and companies. The result is the concentration of power in the hands of a few institutions, themselves the direct expression of governments which claim to be ‘ours’.

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16 March, 2013

#Blockupy 2013 – International invitation to join the preparatory process

Blockupy 2013 – Resistance in the heart of the European crisis regime

The Blockupy actions in May 2012 were only the beginning. In 2013 we are coming back to Frankfurt again. Our aim is again to block the ECB and many more targets in the financial district.
In Germany the preparatory process has already started. Big meetings have been held and working groups have been formed. The days of action have been fixed: May 31st and June 1st 2013, and the coalition is working towards the opening of the new ECB in Frankfurt in 2014.
Now is the time to take the preparatory process to the international level. We want to invite all our friends and comrades all over Europe and beyond to become part of the Blockupy mobilization, in order to create a powerful expression of protest and resistance in the heart of the European crisis regime.

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16 March, 2013

Lastest information on #OccupyTroika action at DG ECFIN and arrests

More than 30 activists from across Europe have been arrested in the Belgian capital after an occupation of the headquarters of Olli Rehn, European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs (ECFIN). Rehn is known as an ardent champion of austerity across Europe, undermining democracy.
The occupation was part of two days of action across Europe organised by For a European Spring against austerity, to coincide with the EU Spring Summit in Brussels on the 14th and 15th March.
Pascoe Sabido, a coordinating member of For a European Spring, said “We did exactly what the police asked of us, and all 150 of us agreed to leave the building as they promised nothing would happen. Instead, we were kettled and treated like criminals. It’s the Troika the police should be arresting, not us.”

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19 February, 2013

Convocatoria ¡@Blockupy Frankfurt! el 31 de Mayo – 1 de Junio 2013

Resistencia en el Corazón del Régimen Europeo de la Crisis 31 de Mayo y 1 de Junio de 2013

Otra vez nosotrxs hacemos un llamado para unas jornadas europeas de protesta en contra del régimen de crisis de la Unión Europea en Fráncfort del Meno. El 31 de Mayo y el 1 de junio queremos llevar la resistencia contra las políticas de emprobrecimiento del gobierno y de la Troika – BCE, Comisión Europea y FMI- a uno de los centros del régimen europeo de la crisis: A la sede del Banco Central Europeo (BCE) y de muchos bancos y consorcios alemanes- los beneficiarios de esta política.

Los programas de empobrecimiento y de privatizationes, que ya hace décadas han sido impuestos a los países del Sur Global, ahora han llegado a Europa. La Agenda 2010 alemana sólo era un proyecto piloto por lo que ahora se impone con un alcance aún mas dramático especialmente en el Sur de Europa. Esa depauperización se agudizará aún más – también aquí- si no nos defendemos: la reducción continua de derechos sociales y democráticos. Así se pretende mantener la capacidad de pago para las expectativas de rédito de las grandes fortunas y de aumentar la competitividad económica de Alemania y (del Centro de) Europa en el mercado mundial capitalista a través del abaratamiento y de la precarización del trabajo asalariado.

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22 December, 2012

Open call to join forces for a massive European day of action and mobilisation During the EU Spring Summit in March 2013

Following the call for action launched at Firenze 10+10 to mobilize for an European a day of action around the Spring European Council Summit; social organizations, social movements, trade unions and citizens gathered in Brussels the 15th of December.

We had a constructive meeting in Brussels, we welcomed the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) call for a Day of Action around the Spring European Council Summit the 13th or 14th of March, but since neither the format, the alliance building, the concrete date was clear, we had to postpone several concrete decisions.

However the following was decided:

·         The day(s) of action will take place 13th and or 14th of March 2013, depending on the date of the ETUC demo.

·         The day of action will either consist of

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29 October, 2012

Ágora 99: 4 días de debate sobre Deuda, Democracia y Derechos.


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24 September, 2012

INVITATION to Agora99: Meeting on Debt, Rights and Democracy

(You can find all the following information about Agora99 in different languages here: )

What is Agora99?
A meeting of European and Mediterranean movements and networks to talk about Debt, Democracy and Rights that will take place in Madrid between the 2nd and 4th of November 2012.

The cuts and plundering policies we are suffering are generated on a global and European level. The financial economy plays its game in a board that very much exceed the national borders.

What does this space make up for the 99%? What made that millions of people felt deeply affected by what had happened in Egypt, in Tunisia, in Portugal, in Syntagma Square in Greece, en Wall Street, in Chile, in Mexico and in many other places around the globe? How does this new type of politic structure works after the outburst of the Arab Spring, Iceland, Greece, after the 15th May in Spain? Even more importantly, how do we proceed?

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