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21 August, 2013

A week of resistance at Ofelia Nieto 29



The fight of the Gracia-Gonzalez family against Madrid’s city hall tear down threat accomplishes one week. It was in the morning of August 14th when the city police arrived to their home at Ofelia Nieto 29 with the intention of tearing down the building. The reason is 6 squared meters of sidewalk that new urbanistic regulations put over their property in 2004. Since then the family has been fighting against Madrid’s city hall. But police found more than seventy housing right activists inside the house. They were called to camp in the penthouse the night before and some of them even clamped themselves to the roof.

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15 July, 2013

How the police was bullying the squatters for an hour – statement [EN-PL-ES] #PustotanyWręceMieszkańców



Moment of the arrest

Moment of the arrest

Beating, tugging, threats – such was the intervention of the police in front of the new squat “Gromada” at Worcella St. 8 in Krakow. The officers also took care of the destruction of the evidence – the victims had their memory card in the camera and the mobile sim cards  damaged.


14 July, 2013

PRESS RELEASE FOR THE Occupy Wall Street (Inter) National Gathering: decolonize the 99%

AUGUST 21-25



Occupy Wall Street (Inter) National Gathering: decolonize the 99%
Attendance encouraged by all Occupiers and interested parties. From August 21 to 25, 2013, Occupy Kalamazoo will be hosting the second annual Occupy National Gathering, building on last summer’s historic Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia, PA. This first gathering culminated in a visioning session based on the question “what does a democratic future look like to you?” on July 4, 2012.  This year, there is a focus on bringing together the Occupy movement with people of color, indigenous peoples, and those too often marginalized, even within the movement.  Even our name is controversial—Occupying Wall Street is one tactic,  but we recognize that America was occupied by colonizers and the struggle for liberation from colonization continues.  We believe that it is time to figure out how to work together against “the 1%”—those unreconstructed corporatists who refuse to acknowledge the harm that has been done to the Earth and her residents, and that is ongoing. To that end, we came to consensus on a new name for our event:  the Occupy Wall Street (Inter) National Gathering: Decolonize the  99%.  This name recognizes our roots with Occupy Wall Street as well as acknowledges the injustice the United States’ forbears brought to this continent and our solidarity with decolonization.

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5 June, 2013

List of injured and deaths until #4j 9pm #Turkey // Lista de heridxs y muertes hasta #4j 21h #Turquía

[english, castellano abajo]



As Turkish Medical Association we are trying to arrange health problems resulted nearly all from police violence in country-wide spread actions during Taksim Gezi Park resistance and after, data is arranged from data send by medical association offices and our colleagues. As of June 4th 2013, Tuesday 9:00 p.m. all data we have is listed below. We will update the table daily at the address

  • It is reported that they are injuries in 12 cities (Mersin, Antakya, Çanakkale is going to send numbers soon).
  • 4177 people in total applied for injuries.
  • 2 persons are dead.
  • 43 people have severe injuries.
  • 2 persons in Ankara, 1 in Eskişehir, 3 in total are in life critical condition.
  • 15 (Severe/Broken) Head Traumas are reported.
  • 10 persons have lost their eye.


Como Asociación Médica de Turquía que estamos tratando de arreglar los problemas de salud como resultado casi todos de la violencia policial en las acciones de difusión en todo el país durante la resistencia Taksim Gezi Park y posteriores, los datos se organizan del envío de datos por las oficinas de asociaciones médicas y nuestros colegas. Hasta el 04 de junio 2013, martes 21:00 todos los datos que tenemos está en la lista de abajo. Vamos a actualizar la tabla todos los días a la dirección

Se ha informado de que hay lesiones en 12 ciudades (Mersin, Antakya, Çanakkale se va a enviar los números en breve).

  • 4.177 personas en total atendidas por  lesiones.
  • 2 personas han muerto.
  • 43 personas tienen lesiones graves.
  • 2 personas en Ankara, 1 en Eskisehir, 3 en total se encuentran en estado crítico.
  • 15 (Graves ) se reportan traumas en la cabeza.
  • 10 personas han perdido su ojo.


Turkish Medical Association Central Council

City Total Injured Applied Severe Injuries (Intensive care included) Death Explanations
Istanbul 1505 (880 hospitalized + 625 in voluntary clinics) 12 1 inpatient 26

intensive care 5

life critical 2 (head trauma)

5 blinded

Ankara 1088 (788 hospitalized + 300 in voluntary clinics) 19   (6 head trauma, 3 sight loss, 1 person in life critical status)
İzmir 800 2    
Antakya Data will come   1  
Adana 117 5   5 head trauma
Eskişehir 300 3   2 intensive care, 1 head trauma
Muğla 50 1   1 risc of entire loss of sight
Mersin Data will come      
Bursa 2     Head trauma
Balıkesir 155      
Samsun Data will come      
Kocaeli 10      
Antalya 150 1   1 person lost eye
Çanakkale Data will come      


31 May, 2013

Call Out Declaration for the #G20 in St. Petersburg

Post Globalization Initiative

The crisis of the neoliberal economic order that began late in 2007 has not been overcome in the years since. It has taken on the form of a shifting catastrophe migrating from one part of the world to another. Controlling the movement of capital, and imposing an economic quarantine in the form of protectionist policies, are the minimal steps needed to struggle against this epidemic. But putting these measures into practice is blocked by the neoliberal ideology, hegemonic on a global level, and by the demands of international institutions such as the World Trade Organization (WTO), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the G-20.

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13 May, 2013

Common declaration of the Central- and Eastern European Social and Environmental Forum

From May 2nd to 5th, 2013 the undersigned participants from over thirty Community based Social organisations established in 12 European countries celebrated a 3 days Social and Environmental Forum based on the principles of the Charter of Porto Alegre and following a call of the European Social Forum. As a result of the discussions and deliberations we arrived at the following conclusions:

Under the rule of neoliberal capitalism in crisis, the population of the Central and Eastern European countries has been suffering heavy losses in their life conditions, economy, culture, society, and our environment has been seriously damaged. This is the result of the neoliberal policies of the ruling parties.

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13 March, 2013

#EuropeanSpring Press Release #13M #Brussels



People across Europe come together in Brussels and other European capitals this week to reject EU austerity policies and their erosion of democracy. The police have hampered efforts in Brussels by banning the organised march and denying people the right to free assembly.
When the EU Summit takes place in Brussels on the 14th of March it will be in the midst of protests all over Europe and in the Belgian capital itself. “For a European Spring” – a coalition of movements from 13 countries – is calling for actions to denounce the EU approach to the eurocrisis.
A European demonstration was due to take place through the streets of Brussels, but the police have denied authorization – in effect banning it – on the grounds of “lack of resources”.

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19 February, 2013

Convocatoria ¡@Blockupy Frankfurt! el 31 de Mayo – 1 de Junio 2013

Resistencia en el Corazón del Régimen Europeo de la Crisis 31 de Mayo y 1 de Junio de 2013

Otra vez nosotrxs hacemos un llamado para unas jornadas europeas de protesta en contra del régimen de crisis de la Unión Europea en Fráncfort del Meno. El 31 de Mayo y el 1 de junio queremos llevar la resistencia contra las políticas de emprobrecimiento del gobierno y de la Troika – BCE, Comisión Europea y FMI- a uno de los centros del régimen europeo de la crisis: A la sede del Banco Central Europeo (BCE) y de muchos bancos y consorcios alemanes- los beneficiarios de esta política.

Los programas de empobrecimiento y de privatizationes, que ya hace décadas han sido impuestos a los países del Sur Global, ahora han llegado a Europa. La Agenda 2010 alemana sólo era un proyecto piloto por lo que ahora se impone con un alcance aún mas dramático especialmente en el Sur de Europa. Esa depauperización se agudizará aún más – también aquí- si no nos defendemos: la reducción continua de derechos sociales y democráticos. Así se pretende mantener la capacidad de pago para las expectativas de rédito de las grandes fortunas y de aumentar la competitividad económica de Alemania y (del Centro de) Europa en el mercado mundial capitalista a través del abaratamiento y de la precarización del trabajo asalariado.

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7 February, 2013

Manifesto @inviernosalSol, people occupying Sol sq in #Madrid [eng/cast]

[Castellano más abajo]

On February 3, following demonstrations against government corruption scandals, a group of people tired and angry about the political, economic and social and therefore the course that events have taken in recent years , we decided to stay in our Plaza del Sol indefinitely to achieve our goals.

We belong to the streets, the streets belong to us, we will not leave.

We are citizens fighting against corruption. We are people united by the same interests and we want to claim and stimulate civic struggle.

Therefore we decided to write this manifesto in which we appeal to the people to mobilize and demand with us the effective investigation of illegitimate debt, the mass resignation of the government, the repeal of the current constitution and the formation of a constituent assembly to prepare a new constitution capable of returning citizens power over markets and economic corporations, which currently have kidnapped the rule of law.
We need your ideas, your actions and your media. We are young, elderly, students, the unemployed, workers, pensioners, evicted …

We are winters at Sol


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21 January, 2013

[EN-FR-ES] Thirty housing rights activists were arrested in Budapest, IAI solidarity

Dear friends of  A Város Mindenkié,

First of all, I would like to express full solidarity of the International Alliance of Inhabitants with your struggles, which we also consider our own, and firmly demand that all activists be freed right now!

The squatting of vacant housing is not a crime, but it is a legitimate action because of the failure of states to respect their legal obligation, assumed by the ratification of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, to protect the right to housing by appropriate policies. It is therefore a form of struggle that the inhabitants organizations are implementing all over the world, a self-defense tool of the victims of the real estate markets in response to the housing and global crisis caused by neoliberal policies.

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