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14 July, 2013

PRESS RELEASE FOR THE Occupy Wall Street (Inter) National Gathering: decolonize the 99%

AUGUST 21-25



Occupy Wall Street (Inter) National Gathering: decolonize the 99%
Attendance encouraged by all Occupiers and interested parties. From August 21 to 25, 2013, Occupy Kalamazoo will be hosting the second annual Occupy National Gathering, building on last summer’s historic Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia, PA. This first gathering culminated in a visioning session based on the question “what does a democratic future look like to you?” on July 4, 2012.  This year, there is a focus on bringing together the Occupy movement with people of color, indigenous peoples, and those too often marginalized, even within the movement.  Even our name is controversial—Occupying Wall Street is one tactic,  but we recognize that America was occupied by colonizers and the struggle for liberation from colonization continues.  We believe that it is time to figure out how to work together against “the 1%”—those unreconstructed corporatists who refuse to acknowledge the harm that has been done to the Earth and her residents, and that is ongoing. To that end, we came to consensus on a new name for our event:  the Occupy Wall Street (Inter) National Gathering: Decolonize the  99%.  This name recognizes our roots with Occupy Wall Street as well as acknowledges the injustice the United States’ forbears brought to this continent and our solidarity with decolonization.

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13 July, 2013

Police attacks the new occupied social center in Kraków #PustotanyWręceMieszkańców

Opening of the squat

Opening of the squat

On Saturday, 13/07/2013 at approx. 5 p.m. a police patrol drove up at the squatted building at Worcella Str. 8. Seeing one of the residents in the window, they asked him to approach the door. Two people approached the police car parked nearby, and having their data written down, the officers searched them and arrested (moment of the arrest: the video below). When the police tried to get inside, four people managed to leave the building without being seen. When they got to the police station to get information about detained colleagues, they found out that they had been released. The police destroyed their phones, and then bullied them. It is not known what will be the legal consequences of this incident, we are waiting for further developments.

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25 June, 2013

Transnational Online Forum to Evaluate the Re-resurgence of the Grassroots [EN-TR-FR-ES-PT-IT-AR]

DATE: 27th June Thursday / Perşembe / 5a feira / Jueves /  Jeudi



UTC (GMT) 18:00 / London: 19:00 / Madrid: 20:00 / Istanbul: 21:00 /Rio de Janeiro: 15:00 / New York: 14:00

WHERE? Mumble server:



This call is to build together an internationall assembly on Mumble (chat/voice program) with the comrades from Spain, Germany, London, US, Brasil, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Turkey, Tunısia, Quebec and all other places we could reach, where people fıght for their dignity themselves.

The naked truth is that the peoples were already on the streets and squares yet they are once back in masses…

Things are still hot and many things (re-)emerging, in Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Bulgaria, Brasil, Greece, Germany, London, US,….. and there are lots of things and information we need to engage with.

Therefore with this call we invite you for an transnational online assembly to exchange and update each other on Global May mobilisations and the new uprısıngs coming in its


We would also like to reflect on where we are heading: 15O, 5November, 19O, …

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24 June, 2013

Updates from #Turkey and a VIDEO gallery

Dear Comrades,

The June Days of the massive mass mobilization in Turkey continue. Last Saturday (22.06) hundred thousands gathered in Taksim Square for commemorating martyred comrades of the resistance.


However while people were leaving the Square peacefully at 8 pm, police once again attacked over crowds and until morning, people clashed against police. On Sunday, hundred thousands met in Kadıköy to commemorate the 20thyear of the Sivas Massacre in which Islamist fascist groups surroundeda hotel in Sivas city and killed 40 progressive intellectuals and artists by burning them who had been there for a festival.

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24 June, 2013

General Assembly Resolution of the workers in the Music Ensembles of #ERT [EN-FR-ES-AL-GR]


General Assembly Resolution of the workers in the Music Ensembles of ERT

1) Self-run public radiotelevision, open to the major problems of the tortured society.

2) ERT is to become a real democratic means of expression of the popular desire for Democracy and Freedom.

3) There should be an elected Board of Directors, revocable, voted directly by the Greek people. This Board will undertake the safekeeping of polyphony and pluralism on the basis of Democracy and National Independance, as mentioned in the 1730/87 establishment law of ERT S.A.

4) Reactivation of ASKE (Representative Assembly of Social Control), of the Supervisory Board which will control and oversee the Board of Directors of ERT.

Every Greek citizen should have access and an inalienable right to communicate his opinion, his problem to the public radiotelevision.

The Music Ensembles as always undertake to elevate the feeling of the Greek people through art, tradition, the Greek character and culture which, throughout the political changeover, have been brutally hit by every sort of political mechanism which, in combination with the trash of private television, have ruined every value-based background of our society.

We will not allow them to abolish the Music Ensembles of ERT, an oasis of civilisation, the last bastion of culture and intellectual uplift.

The workers of the Music Ensembles

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21 June, 2013

26 June: International day of solidarity with the struggle of the workers of Vio.Me [ENG-ESP]

[English, Spanish below]

The struggle of the workers of Vio.Me. has now a long history but at the same time it is a struggle that comes from the future.

It is a story of a factory abandoned by the employers, forgotten by the state and the government and ignored by bureaucratic trade unionism. It is a story of a factory where, same as in many other places, the workers became unemployed in the context of this disaster that the rulers call economic restructuring while we call it global capitalist crisis and collapse. It is a story of ravage and destruction, like so many other stories around us.

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12 June, 2013

BARCELONA #15M Newsletter nr 47

Hello from Barcelona,

This is the (almost) weekly newsletter that will inform you about the activities of 15M movement in Barcelona, Catalonia and occasionally the main events in Spain. If you do not wish to receive it anymore, please say so.

1. Markets over people: The Health Care Apartheid
2. #WeAreGezi, Even in Barcelona
3. In Barcelona justice is judged for the second time
4. A Pyrenees’ project to save sheep and their wool

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11 June, 2013

#Blockupy Frankfurt 2013: Analysis and evaluation from Finns

Tervehdys/hey/hola/ciao/hallo/ kaikille/all/todxs/tutt*/alle,

the handful of Finns who were in Frankfurt got home safely. We have spent the last week editing videos and writing reports of the days, as well as sharing our feelings, thoughts and ideas on what took place and what we thought should be reconsidered. Hopefully this message reaches you all well, and connects with other evaluations presented, such as the ones done by some of the Italians. ( By a quick, googletranslated reading, it seems to have common crossing points with our evaluation, even if the point of views expressed differ.


Thank you Kelly and Corinna for gathering the thoughts from the coalition and for presenting many important points to follow up; especially the request to write down minutes on the happenings and the planning of a virtual transnational meeting to compensate for the one that didn’t take place on Saturday.

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10 June, 2013

El juicio a Vaxevanis: ¿sin abogados ni testigos? Al parecer no hay problema

[Spanish, scroll for english]


El nuevo juicio a Kostas Vaxevanis por la publicación, en octubre de 2012, de una lista con más de 2000 nombres de los titulares de cuentas bancarias griegas en Suiza, también conocida como la lista Lagarde, se celebró esta mañana en el juzgado de Atenas. El tribunal tomó una hora y media, desde las 9:00 hasta las 10:30 am, y tres conversaciones privadas en el receso, para determinar que, en ausencia de dos de los tres abogados de la defensa y de tres de los cuatro testigos de la defensa, el juicio debía posponerse.

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