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25 June, 2013

Transnational Online Forum to Evaluate the Re-resurgence of the Grassroots [EN-TR-FR-ES-PT-IT-AR]

DATE: 27th June Thursday / Perşembe / 5a feira / Jueves /  Jeudi



UTC (GMT) 18:00 / London: 19:00 / Madrid: 20:00 / Istanbul: 21:00 /Rio de Janeiro: 15:00 / New York: 14:00

WHERE? Mumble server:



This call is to build together an internationall assembly on Mumble (chat/voice program) with the comrades from Spain, Germany, London, US, Brasil, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Turkey, Tunısia, Quebec and all other places we could reach, where people fıght for their dignity themselves.

The naked truth is that the peoples were already on the streets and squares yet they are once back in masses…

Things are still hot and many things (re-)emerging, in Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Bulgaria, Brasil, Greece, Germany, London, US,….. and there are lots of things and information we need to engage with.

Therefore with this call we invite you for an transnational online assembly to exchange and update each other on Global May mobilisations and the new uprısıngs coming in its


We would also like to reflect on where we are heading: 15O, 5November, 19O, …

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24 June, 2013

General Assembly Resolution of the workers in the Music Ensembles of #ERT [EN-FR-ES-AL-GR]


General Assembly Resolution of the workers in the Music Ensembles of ERT

1) Self-run public radiotelevision, open to the major problems of the tortured society.

2) ERT is to become a real democratic means of expression of the popular desire for Democracy and Freedom.

3) There should be an elected Board of Directors, revocable, voted directly by the Greek people. This Board will undertake the safekeeping of polyphony and pluralism on the basis of Democracy and National Independance, as mentioned in the 1730/87 establishment law of ERT S.A.

4) Reactivation of ASKE (Representative Assembly of Social Control), of the Supervisory Board which will control and oversee the Board of Directors of ERT.

Every Greek citizen should have access and an inalienable right to communicate his opinion, his problem to the public radiotelevision.

The Music Ensembles as always undertake to elevate the feeling of the Greek people through art, tradition, the Greek character and culture which, throughout the political changeover, have been brutally hit by every sort of political mechanism which, in combination with the trash of private television, have ruined every value-based background of our society.

We will not allow them to abolish the Music Ensembles of ERT, an oasis of civilisation, the last bastion of culture and intellectual uplift.

The workers of the Music Ensembles

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16 May, 2013

Aniversary present: Documentary about 15M movement in Barcelona

SPANISH / CASTELLANO  El despertar de las plazas. Un año de 15M
Este documental trata sobre la protesta del movimiento 15M en Barcelona. Lo hemos subtitulado a varias lenguas (entre ellas el castellano) para intercambiar las experiencias de lucha contra la dictadura del capitalcon otros movimientos y países. Compártelo con amigos, activistas y organizaciones.

ENGLISH The awakening of the squares. A year of 15M movement
This documentary is about the 15M movement protest in Barcelona. We have subtitled it into several languages ​​(including English) to exchange the struggle experiences against the dictatorship of the capitalwith other movements and countries. Share it with friends, activists and organizations.
21 January, 2013

[EN-FR-ES] Thirty housing rights activists were arrested in Budapest, IAI solidarity

Dear friends of  A Város Mindenkié,

First of all, I would like to express full solidarity of the International Alliance of Inhabitants with your struggles, which we also consider our own, and firmly demand that all activists be freed right now!

The squatting of vacant housing is not a crime, but it is a legitimate action because of the failure of states to respect their legal obligation, assumed by the ratification of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, to protect the right to housing by appropriate policies. It is therefore a form of struggle that the inhabitants organizations are implementing all over the world, a self-defense tool of the victims of the real estate markets in response to the housing and global crisis caused by neoliberal policies.

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12 November, 2012

[EN-DT-FR] Mass deportation: Protest more than ever / Expulsion avancer – Protestation plus que jamais 13.10 10h Düsseldorf


————–please spread the news and take action —————————

We got the message, that the planned mass deportation on 13th Nov  of mainly Roma  to Belgrad, Serbia has been done earlier and is already finished!
It had been done on the 8th Nov 12!! 90 people got deported to Belgrad!
We are sad, we are angry!

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15 October, 2012

20th Oct – Global Solidarity Day for Syria

Link to FB Page

Arabic / English / Other Info

The Global Solidarity Day for the Syrian People, 20th October, 2012
Appeal to all free people of the world Let’s work together to stop daily massacres, arrests and displacements in Syria
Let’s work together to bring down the murderous Assad regime in Syria
This is an appeal to all Syrian communities and to all free people around the world to organise processions and sit-ins in front of United Nations offices in all around the world…
…On this day, our aim is to mobilise international public opinion to support the Syrian people, who have been exposed to killing, arrest and displacement for ninteen months while the world has watched
On this day we want to express the Syrian people’s suffering and their disappointment with the silence of the Arab world and the international community and their failure to stop the daily massacres committed by the barbaric Assad Syrian regime.

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10 October, 2012

October 13 against debt

[ENG] Español abajo. Français ci-dessous.

October 13 against debt

International call on debt / Globalnoise /Global Week of Action against Debt  – THSankara

Citizen Debt Audit Platform (PACD) Spain – Strike Debt/Occupy Wall Street – Democratie Réelle Maintenant ! Paris

To the financial institutions of the world, we have only one thing to say: we owe you NOTHING!

To our friends, families, our communities, to humanity and to the natural world that makes our lives possible, we owe you everything.

To the people of the world, we say: join the resistance, you have nothing to lose but your debts.

On O13, in the larger context of the worlwide “globalnoise” mobilisation, and within the Global Week of Action against Debt, we will mobilise against debt in several cities of the world: Barcelona, Madrid, Mexico, Paris, New York, Rome…

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29 September, 2012

VIA22 : Global call to actions! Please SHARE!

(español abajo, français plus bas)

VIA22, an open collectif created in Montreal-Quebec, is sending a call to create a monthly process of global actions, the 22nd of each month, starting on october 22nd.
The idea is to collectively express the need that our marches and demonstrations become spaces for sharing knowledge about alternatives, and raise collective consciousness,. We want to support and connect initiatives around the world and contribute to the dialogue between global and local. Strength comes from creativity and unity!
People from Mexico, Spain, Mozambique, Senegal, Belarus, Croatia, England, Japan, Greece, El Salvador and Chile are already in contact with us, but we need to spread the word widely!
14 September, 2012

39 Mouvements sociaux asiatiques affirment leur solidarité avec #s17 2012 à Occupy Wall Street

Avec Occupy Wall Street les 15 – 17 Septembre

Mettre fin à la spéculation financière sur les denrées alimentaires et le climat

Le combat d’Occupy Wall Street est celui de tous les mouvements de la planète. Le capital financier, qui a engendré la crise en 2008, a accru son pouvoir au lieu d’être jugulé. À l’heure actuelle, le PIB mondial est de 64 000 milliards de dollars américains, tandis que le marché des produits dérivés a atteint le chiffre incroyable de 1 500 000 milliards de dollars américains en 2011. L’économie spéculative est 250 fois plus grande que l’économie réelle. Aujourd’hui, les banques et les entreprises transnationales se mettent à spéculer sur les impacts de la crise climatique et environnementale que le système capitaliste a créées. Les prix des aliments ont commencé à grimper à nouveau en raison du changement climatique et de la spéculation, dans un monde où un milliard de personnes souffrent déjà de la faim. Les banques et les entreprises transnationales comme Cargill, Wal-Mart, Monsanto regardent cette situation comme une nouvelle opportunité de profits par l’intermédiaire des marchés dérivés sur les produit alimentaires, de l’accaparement des ressources naturelles, des OGM, des agrocarburants, des accords de libre-échange, des ajustements structurels, des plans d’austérité et d’autres mécanismes visant à accroître les privilèges des 1% aux dépends des 99% et ce, à un coût gigantesque pour notre Terre-Mère.

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10 September, 2012

Vous savez pourquoi le #29s le Congrès espagnol serez entourés par des citoyens? Lire le manifeste


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