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25 June, 2013

Transnational Online Forum to Evaluate the Re-resurgence of the Grassroots [EN-TR-FR-ES-PT-IT-AR]

DATE: 27th June Thursday / Perşembe / 5a feira / Jueves /  Jeudi



UTC (GMT) 18:00 / London: 19:00 / Madrid: 20:00 / Istanbul: 21:00 /Rio de Janeiro: 15:00 / New York: 14:00

WHERE? Mumble server:



This call is to build together an internationall assembly on Mumble (chat/voice program) with the comrades from Spain, Germany, London, US, Brasil, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Turkey, Tunısia, Quebec and all other places we could reach, where people fıght for their dignity themselves.

The naked truth is that the peoples were already on the streets and squares yet they are once back in masses…

Things are still hot and many things (re-)emerging, in Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Bulgaria, Brasil, Greece, Germany, London, US,….. and there are lots of things and information we need to engage with.

Therefore with this call we invite you for an transnational online assembly to exchange and update each other on Global May mobilisations and the new uprısıngs coming in its


We would also like to reflect on where we are heading: 15O, 5November, 19O, …

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16 May, 2013

Aniversary present: Documentary about 15M movement in Barcelona

SPANISH / CASTELLANO  El despertar de las plazas. Un año de 15M
Este documental trata sobre la protesta del movimiento 15M en Barcelona. Lo hemos subtitulado a varias lenguas (entre ellas el castellano) para intercambiar las experiencias de lucha contra la dictadura del capitalcon otros movimientos y países. Compártelo con amigos, activistas y organizaciones.

ENGLISH The awakening of the squares. A year of 15M movement
This documentary is about the 15M movement protest in Barcelona. We have subtitled it into several languages ​​(including English) to exchange the struggle experiences against the dictatorship of the capitalwith other movements and countries. Share it with friends, activists and organizations.
4 December, 2012

No TAV, prohibido manifestarse!/ No TAV, proibito manifestare!

Testimonio de Alfredo, activista No Tav / Testimonianza di Alfredo, attivista No Tav

(Italiano sotto)

9.00h: Hemos llegado a Lyon para participar en la manifestación No Tav coincidiendo con el encuentro italo-francés. Aparcamos el coche y vamos andando hacia la concentración (legalmente autorizada)
9.10h: nos rodean 8 (sí, 8) coches con las sirenas en marcha de la policia francesa, alrededor de 30 agentes -cuando nosotros somos 5- .
Nos llevan a un muro, nos registran minuciosamente, nos identifican y nos tienen retenidos allí durante una hora. La gente se asoma desde las terrazas, preocupada. A los peatones no se les permite caminar a nuestro lado. Estamos como en una peli, parece una escena de Taxxxi.

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15 October, 2012

20th Oct – Global Solidarity Day for Syria

Link to FB Page

Arabic / English / Other Info

The Global Solidarity Day for the Syrian People, 20th October, 2012
Appeal to all free people of the world Let’s work together to stop daily massacres, arrests and displacements in Syria
Let’s work together to bring down the murderous Assad regime in Syria
This is an appeal to all Syrian communities and to all free people around the world to organise processions and sit-ins in front of United Nations offices in all around the world…
…On this day, our aim is to mobilise international public opinion to support the Syrian people, who have been exposed to killing, arrest and displacement for ninteen months while the world has watched
On this day we want to express the Syrian people’s suffering and their disappointment with the silence of the Arab world and the international community and their failure to stop the daily massacres committed by the barbaric Assad Syrian regime.

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6 August, 2012

Convergence to block the return to class in Quebec !

Montreal – August-13th to 17th

Since February, students across Quebec have been on strike against a 75% tuition hikes. These students have maintained picket lines, disrupted classes, blocked bridges, and continually taken the streets in fierce resistance to the neoliberal agenda of the Charest Liberal government.

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8 June, 2012

This is what democracy looks like! Prospects for the rising European movement



“There is talk of Europe’s future, and the need to harmonize banks, insurance companies, markets, businesses, police: consensus, consensus and more consensus. But in becoming  a people, doesn’t  Europe prepare us for new future in construction, perhaps a  new  ’68? “G. Deleuze

The victory of Blockupy Frankfurt

The phase of the crisis we are experiencing is characterized, in Europe, by a total redefinition of the forms of capitalist command. By now many, not only in the movements, have realized that what we are looking at the final divorce between capitalism and democracy, at the inability of capital to govern this stage without affecting social and political rights.

In recent years many movements have highlighted this situation, from the Spanish  acampadas to the “occupy movement, from the Arab spring to the tragic outcome of the crisis in Greece, whose citizens where first denied the possibility to vote a referendum on austerity measures, to then move on to Merkel’s and other European leaders direct threat during the pre-electoral talks.

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21 April, 2012

[ENG-ESP-ITA-POR-GER-FRA-TUR] Paris May 1st: General assemblies of workers!


1st of May:  General assemblies of workers!

The 1st of May is International Workers’ Day.  In many of the world’s cities millions of us will gather to demonstrate in defence of our rights.

For thirty years now, the deconstruction of the welfare state has been underway. Each successive government has worked hand in glove with the financial markets, submitted to their will – and likewise bent us to their will.

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27 January, 2012

No TAV activists arrested/Detenciones a activistas de No TAV/Arresto di attivisti No TAV

Yesterday in the early morning, a police operation was carried out in several Italian cities, against the NO TAV Movement. 26 activists were arrested and 15 are required to stay.
The arrests are linked to the events of July 3, 2011 at Chiomonte (Susa), when thousands of people joined a demonstration at the place where the Italian government intends to begin the construction of the High-Speed Rail (TAV, in Italian) Turin-Lyon.
19 January, 2012

Sicily paralyzed /Sicilia paralizada/Sicilia paralizzata


Today is the third day of protest in Sicily. The island is almost paralyzed.
In the island are protesting truckers, farmers, fishermen, craftsmen associations and merchants. Students are organizing demonstrations in solidarity, occupying roads and harbours. In Gela they close the entrance to the refinery, threating the port operations. Hundreds of trucks are at Villa San Giovanni harbour trying to ship to the big island with tons of goods (fruit vegetables and dairy supplies) will soon putrefy because the trucks cannot reach the shores of Sicily island. This stop is having a price on Sicily in terms of loss in their economy. The stocks of fuel are scarce and in many areas of the island are over, same for food, with empty shelves in supermarkets and some smaller business are already closed. People are starting to fear the food that comes from the black market. Truck inventory is escorted by the police.
Hoy es el tercer día de protesta en Sicilia. La isla está casi paralizada.
Protestan camioneros, agricultores y pescadores, a quien se están añadiendo asociaciones de artesanos y comerciantes. Los estudiantes organizan manifestaciones de solidaridad. Ocupan carreteras y puertos. En Gela impiden la entrada a la refinería, que amenaza con tener que interrumpir la actividad. En Villa San Giovanni (Calabria) siguen siendo cientos de camiones los que no pueden llegar a la isla. Toneladas de frutas y verduras se pudren como consecuencia de las retenciones. Hay alarma tambien sobre los productos lácteos. Se habla de un enorme daño a la economía siciliana. Las existencias de combustible escasean y en muchas zonas de la isla están acabadas, lo mismo puede decirse de los alimentos, con los estantes vacíos en los supermercados y algunas tiendas ya cerradas. Se empieza a temer que aparezca el mercado negro de la comida. Los camiones con las provisiones están siendo escoltados por la policía.
Oggi é il 3 giorno di protesta in Sicilia. L’isola é quasi paralizzata.
Protestano autotrasportatori, agricoltori e pescatori, ai quali si stanno aggiungendo associazionei di artigiani e commercianti. Gli studenti organizzano cortei di solidarietá. Occupano strade e porti. A Gela impediscono l’ingresso alla raffineria, che minacia di dover sospendere l’attivitá. A Villa San Giovanni (in Calabria) sono fermi centinaia di camion che non possono raggiungere l’isola. Tonnellate di frutta e verdura marciscono perché non riescono a raggiungere i punti vendita. Allarme anche per i latticini. Si parla di enormi danni per l’economia siciliana. Le scorte di carburante scarseggiano e in molte aree dell’isola sono terminate, la stessa cosa si puó dire per i prodotti alimentari, con scaffali vuoti nei supermercati e alcuni negozi giá chiusi. Si comincia a temere il mercato nero degli alimenti. Camion di scorte vengono accompagnati dalle forze dell’ordine.

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18 January, 2012

Popular Assemblies national meeting/Encuentro Nacional de Asambleas Populares


On january 14th 2012, activists, integrated or not in several Popular Assemblies and other groups, gathered for the First National Meeting of Popular Assemblies to share experiences and debate ideas and ways of intervention in the Portuguese society.

 The will to reinforce communication and cooperation among these groups resulted from this meeting.
Those present in the meeting were consensual regarding the participation in an international mobilization that will take place on May 12th. This proposal will be discussed within the several Popular Assemblies and groups, as well as within other groups that may be willing to join the mobilization.
As a conclusion, there were appeals to:
– the creation of new Popular Assemblies,
– the self-organization of the population and
– the setting of new Meetings.

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