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31 May, 2013

Call Out Declaration for the #G20 in St. Petersburg

Post Globalization Initiative

The crisis of the neoliberal economic order that began late in 2007 has not been overcome in the years since. It has taken on the form of a shifting catastrophe migrating from one part of the world to another. Controlling the movement of capital, and imposing an economic quarantine in the form of protectionist policies, are the minimal steps needed to struggle against this epidemic. But putting these measures into practice is blocked by the neoliberal ideology, hegemonic on a global level, and by the demands of international institutions such as the World Trade Organization (WTO), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the G-20.

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16 May, 2012

Occupy Abai – day 8. One day in the life of protest camp against inauguration of Putin in Moscow – 14th of May

Occupy Abai – day 8

One day in the life of protest camp against inauguration of Putin in
Moscow – 14th of May

For photos, check original at

Before evening Anarchist singer-songwriter “comrade Arkadi” made a
concert. Later, a freemarket was opened, where everyone could leave
their goods and gather what was left by other people. Tomorrow 15th of
May, there will be a lecture on free non-capitalist economy in the camp.

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20 February, 2012

People’s Action Against 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit

[As you can see from this statement below, it is very important that we talk about nuclear abolition only in the context of banning the nuclear bomb as well as the nuclear reactor. I hope Occupy Moscow will study this people’s statement against the upcoming Seoul Nuclear Security Summit and come to a similar conclusion that in order to have nuclear disarmament we must also stop spreading nuclear bomb factories around the world in the form of “peaceful” nuclear reactors, and shut them all down.] source: mail

The 2012 Nuclear Security Summit will be held in Seoul on March 26-27.

The Nuclear Security Summit was first held in 2010 at the proposal of the US President Obama, after he called for a ‘nuclear free world’. At the Summit, leaders from 47 nations and international organizations gather to discuss the security of nuclear facilities and the prevention of nuclear terrorism, labeled the greatest danger to national security. The Lee Myung-bak government, which is planning the Nuclear Security Summit under the slogan of “building a safe and peaceful world”, is also planning a separate ‘Nuclear Industry Summit’. Through these events, the Lee government seeks to dampen anti-nuclear sentiment, which has grown stronger in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, and enable its plans to expand the export of nuclear power plants.

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29 January, 2012

Proposal 2.0 assemblies New York and Moscow [26/01/2012] DRAFT


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8 January, 2012

Proposal 1.0 between NY and Moscow Assemblies / Propuesta 1.0 entre las asambleas de NY y Moscú



Today, with a profound crisis covering the entire planet, we feel an increasing threat of militarism and wars. History teaches us and reminds us how these situations of mutual threat end up. Thousands of missiles, millions of guns do not defend ordinary people from poverty and do not help them feed themselves. Hatred and mistrust is only to be found in corporations and the military.

We appeal to the presidents of the USA and Russia to take steps towards a coming together. Let there be real action, not words. We are tired of the empty endless rhetoric.

Our peoples have never been enemies. It is only the elite who wish to earn more or to find even more power who have artificially created a confrontation between our two countries.

We demand:

Stop the spread of nuclear weapons and begin the progressive destruction of the nuclear arsenal that threatens all living things now on the planet. The signing of multilateral agreements would be confirmation of your good intentions.

Stop the development of new lethal weapons and direct the minds and strengths of scientists towards peaceful purposes. Discard the manic desire to threaten each other.

Start the reduction of conventional weapons, with transparency and open treaties.

Target your huge budgets that you have planned for the military-industrial complex, to the needs of ordinary people. Social security is needed for all citizens of our great countries.

We don’t need missiles, we need housing.

We don’t need bombs, we need hospitals.

We don’t need guns, we need exercise and text books.

We don’t need bullets, we need food.

We need a life in peace and a secure world, a world where we are not victims of their political games, a world where we can love one another, love our children and be friends with our neighbours. We are one world, one planet.

This declaration has been signed by the Assembly of Moscow on the 22nd of December 2011.

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25 December, 2011

La Unión de la Marina rusa acusa de fraude las últimas elecciones

[traducción: @juancarlospinov]
De la Unión de la Marina sobre las elecciones legislativas del Parlamento de la Federación Rusa.

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24 December, 2011

Protest Organizing Committee from Moscow resolution on 24th december




Civil Protest “Fair Vote for Russia!”


December 24, 2011  – Prospekt Akademika Sakharova

Having observed that authorities failed to comply with the demands issued during the public rally on Bolotnaya Square on December 10, 2011, the participants demand:

1. Immediate release of all political prisoners.

2. Nullification of falsified election results.

3. Resignation of Vladimir Churov and an investigation of his activities as  Head of the Central Election Commission; an investigation of all suspected falsifications and violations of election law, and legal punishment for those found guilty.

4. Open and unobstructed registration of opposition parties; adoption of genuinely democratic laws on political parties and elections, no later than February 2012.

5. That new and fair elections are held.

The rally participants resolve to:

6. Create a Moscow Association of Voters (MAV) in order to investigate violations of election laws and ensure election integrity;

Coordinate the work of election observers across the country.

7. Appeal to the Russian citizens to not give a single vote in the presidential election on March 4, 2012 to Vladimir Putin.

Moscow Assembly
This resolution was drafted by the Protest Organizing Committee, and will be submitted for ratification at the Prospekt Akademika Sakharova rally on December 24, 2011.  The English translation was prepared by the press center of the volunteers organizing the logistics of the meeting.  Please see for more information, or feel free to contact Masha Baronova, press coordinator at +7-910-445-9107, or Anatoliy Kats, international press liaison at +7-916-733-8530
23 December, 2011

Mañana vuelve a las calles #okupaiRusia / Tomorrow back to the streets #occupyRussia

Hoy 23d a las 15h comienza la cuenta atrás de las movilizaciones que tendrán lugar por la exigencia de unas elecciones justas en Rusia. Se podrá seguir la reunión que se llevará a cabo en Moscú en este link:

Today 23d at 3pm begins the countdown to the demonstrations to be held to demand fair elections in Russia. It may continue the meeting to be held in Moscow in this link:

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22 December, 2011

Demandas del movimiento en Rusia / Exigences du mouvement en Russie


Apoyando la declaración del mitin en la plaza Bolótnaya del pasado 10 de diciembre, exigimos:

1. Liberación inmediata de todos los presos políticos, supresión de los artículos 280 y 282 del Código Penal de la Federación Rusa y liquidación de las estructuras responsables de las represiones políticas en Rusia.

2. Renuncia del coronel Vladímir Putin, responsable político de la falsificación total de las elecciones a la Duma Estatal (cámara de diputados) del pasado 4 de diciembre de 2011.

3. Anulación de los resultados electorales a la Duma Estatal.

4. Disolución de la actual Comisión Electoral Central (CEC), enjuiciamiento de todos los organizadores de las falsificaciones.

5. Establecimiento de un procedimiento de notificación para la inscripción de los partidos políticos, organizaciones y uniones para todas las fuerzas políticas existentes y la posibilidad de crear a base de éstos bloques electorales.

6. Una vez registrados todos los partidos políticos – celebración de nuevas elecciones abiertas, justas y libres a la Duma Estatal de la Federación Rusa.

7. Para la celebración de elecciones libres: eliminar la censura política en los canales públicos de televisión; ofrecer igualdad de oportunidades para todas las organizaciones políticas; anular las normas infralegales que limitan la aplicación del art. 31 de la Constitución Rusa.



Selon la déclaration de la réunion sur la place Bolotnaya du 10 décembre 2011, nous exigeons :

1. Libération immédiate de tous les prisonniers politiques ; suppression des articles 280 et 282 du Code Pénal de la Fédération de Russie ; liquidation des structures responsables de la répression politique en Russie.

2. Démission du colonel Vladimir Poutine, responsable de la falsification totale des élections législatives du 4 décembre 2011.

3. Annulation des résultats de l’élection législative.

4. Dissolution de l’actuelle commission électorale centrale (CES), poursuites judiciaires de tous les organisateurs des falsifications.

5. Établissement d’une procédure d’enregistrement des partis politiques, organisations et syndicats et autres forces politiques existantes.

6. Une fois tous les partis politiques enregistrés, organisation de nouvelles élections législatives ouvertes, justes et libres.

7. Pour l’organisation d’élections libres : éliminer la censure politique sur les chaînes télévisuelles publiques ; offrir l’égalité à toutes les organisations politiques ; annuler les normes infra légales qui limitent l’application de l’article 31 de la Constitution de la Fédération de Russie.

22 December, 2011

Cronología de Okupai Rusia / Okupai Russia Chronology

Movimiento de protesta por unas elecciones justas.

Protests movement for fair elections.

4 de diciembre. En Rusia se celebran las elecciones parlamentarias con numerosas infracciones.

4 de diciembre. En Moscú es secuestrado un activista del “Frente de Izquierda” Sergei Udaltsov: unos desconocidos le detienen en la calle, le meten en un coche y se lo llevan. Al día siguiente se descubre que él se encuentra bajo arresto. Udaltsov declara una huelga de hambre. Puesto que había sido detenido más de cien veces previamente y en suma ha pasado bajo arresto administrativo varios meses, al principio su arresto atrae poca atención.

Dec 4: Parliamentary elections marred by massive fraud take place.

Dec 4: Sergey Udaltsov, an activist in the “Left Front” opposition group is abducted. Unidentified men stop him on the street, stuff him in a car, and drive off. The next day it turns out he is under arrest. Udaltsov declares a dry hunger strike. Udaltsov was detained more than 100 times and spent a total of a few months under arrest, so the new one does not draw a lot of attention.

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