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7 February, 2013

Manifesto @inviernosalSol, people occupying Sol sq in #Madrid [eng/cast]

[Castellano más abajo]

On February 3, following demonstrations against government corruption scandals, a group of people tired and angry about the political, economic and social and therefore the course that events have taken in recent years , we decided to stay in our Plaza del Sol indefinitely to achieve our goals.

We belong to the streets, the streets belong to us, we will not leave.

We are citizens fighting against corruption. We are people united by the same interests and we want to claim and stimulate civic struggle.

Therefore we decided to write this manifesto in which we appeal to the people to mobilize and demand with us the effective investigation of illegitimate debt, the mass resignation of the government, the repeal of the current constitution and the formation of a constituent assembly to prepare a new constitution capable of returning citizens power over markets and economic corporations, which currently have kidnapped the rule of law.
We need your ideas, your actions and your media. We are young, elderly, students, the unemployed, workers, pensioners, evicted …

We are winters at Sol


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4 December, 2012

BARCELONA #15M Newsletter nr 34

Hello from Barcelona,

this is the weekly newsletter that will inform you about the activities of 15M movement in Barcelona, Catalonia and occasionally the main events in Spain. If you do not wish to receive it anymore, please say so.

1. #25N elections in Catalonia
2. Hunger strike for work and dignity
3. Information Brigades 

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27 November, 2012

The most severe corruption cases of Catalonia uncovered by citizens investigation @_cafeambllet

Marta Sibina and Albano Dante launched the magazine titled Cafèambllet (Coffee with milk in Catalan) eight years ago in the town of Breda (Girona). Neither of them are journalists by profession but they were convinced that there was need for somebody to explain what was happening in the area at a very local level and they wanted to contribute to improving things through getting information out there.

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