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29 May, 2013

People United Against Troika, on June 1st 2013


14 January, 2012

[bcn] Catalonian police protest for cuts

About 150 Mossos d’Esquadra catalan police have concentrated in Lleida on friday at the police station to protest cuts from the Government of the Generalitat, according to the SAP-UGT union, which organized the rally.
The protest, started at 17.00, agents have left the station to cut Paseo de Ronda street and then they have returned to the police station, where in the afternoon still remain a small group of agents.
The officers have protested in this way against job cuts from the Government, because SAP maintains that the Government is destroying the rights of the regional police force has been achieved in 30 years, and has also criticized the Interior proposal to spend money on changing the uniform than 17,000 mossos while cutting their labor rights.

This protest come after 50 collegues from Barcelona delegation began an undefined strike in the plaza España police station in Barcelona. Equipped with whistles, sleeping bags and everything needed for the night, have announced that they did not think moving the station until the Minister of Interior, Felip Puig, sit down to negotiate with them. Among the measures announced was the exclusive use Castilian. Besides enclosed at the police station they shouting “Mas (Generalitat president) resignation” and “Stop them yourself, you charge more,” union officials intended to address the regional police force to citizens only in Castilian, they see as would not make much grace the Government.