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8 June, 2013

The Spanish Government sells tear gas to Turkey? ¿El Gobierno español vende gas lacrimógeno a Turquía?


[english, castellano más abajo]

A Spanish plane full of tear gas cannisters for the Police!

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6 May, 2013

Back to the Streets on May at Barcelona


The May 15th 2011, millions of people started a process of social change, giving a clear and unmistakable signal that we are not merchandise in the hands of politicians and bankers, we have been publicly and massively expressing that the representative democracy is dying. The political class have not understood the message. Despite the growing protests and the outcry of upset people, these ruling classes are using this crisis to plunder the common wealth, risking the lives of people.

Capitalism has decided to cancel democracy and now the bankers rule us. Clearly, this 1% of the population is the legalized crime in power. The current political system leads us to disaster and we have to be the 99% who take the helm of our destiny. We demand a constituent power to recover the sovereignty that belongs to us. Therefore, on May 12th and 15th, after a 2 years protesting, we return to the streets with legitimate demands and we will continue building the alternatives.

Face to repression and blockades imposed on us from the institutions we will require a list of minimum points, since it is endangering the integrity of population with inhumane measures.

In order to guarantee the right to the existence of  the 99%, we demand:

1. Not a single euro to rescue the banks. Citizen Audit of debt. We will not pay illegitimate debt created by those who caused the crisis.

2. Public, free and a quality Education and Health Care System. No cuts in welfare, not to the privatization of public services. Not repayment.

3. Fair distribution of job and wealth. Not to the precariousness. No retirement at 67. Removal of the Labor Reform. Assessment of reproductive work, domestic and care.

4. Guaranteed right on access to adequate housing. Retroactive dation in payment. Social rental housing. Promotion of housing cooperatives.

5. Tax reform that allows fairly redistribute the wealth that we produce among all.  Basic Income for everyone.

6. Protection of the rights of assembly, demonstration, strikes, association and all civil liberties including the right to your own body.


Therefore, on May 12th and 15th we have been organized demonstrations everywhere and a consumer strike.


#12M15M Barcelona


Friday May 10th
All day, Action ‘Papers your bank’
18:00 Press Conference
19:00 Reoccupation of Catalunya Square (with the Set Up of different Tables and Info Tents from Neighborhood Assemblies, Commissions, Collectives…)

Saturday May 11th
All day, talks and info-exchange from Neighborhood Assemblies, Commissions, Collectives…
19:30 Potbanging
20:00 General Assembly

Sunday May 12th
11:00 Constituent Assembly
16:30 Street Theater: ‘The three gilts evicted’ by  ‘Teatre sobre la marcha’
18:00 Start of the DEMO ‘Stop financial genocide, together we can!’

From the night of May 12th until 15th, actions are decentralized. Each neighborhood, town, village, commission or working group will generate its own events and announcements.





7 February, 2013

Manifesto @inviernosalSol, people occupying Sol sq in #Madrid [eng/cast]

[Castellano más abajo]

On February 3, following demonstrations against government corruption scandals, a group of people tired and angry about the political, economic and social and therefore the course that events have taken in recent years , we decided to stay in our Plaza del Sol indefinitely to achieve our goals.

We belong to the streets, the streets belong to us, we will not leave.

We are citizens fighting against corruption. We are people united by the same interests and we want to claim and stimulate civic struggle.

Therefore we decided to write this manifesto in which we appeal to the people to mobilize and demand with us the effective investigation of illegitimate debt, the mass resignation of the government, the repeal of the current constitution and the formation of a constituent assembly to prepare a new constitution capable of returning citizens power over markets and economic corporations, which currently have kidnapped the rule of law.
We need your ideas, your actions and your media. We are young, elderly, students, the unemployed, workers, pensioners, evicted …

We are winters at Sol


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16 December, 2012

BARCELONA #15M Newsletter nr 35

Hello from Barcelona,

this is the weekly newsletter that will inform you about the activities of 15M movement in Barcelona, Catalonia and occasionally the main events in Spain. If you do not wish to receive it anymore, please say so.

1. Health Care is not for sale
2. Why doesn’t the police pay for its crimes?
3. Yo soy 132 Barcelona

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30 November, 2012

Spain: If you really want to solve the evictions, listen to @La_PAH

The Spanish Congress decides on ratification or repeal of the “Royal Decree on urgent measures to strengthen the protection to mortgage debtors”, designated name to the recent evictions partial moratorium adopted by the Government.

PAH (Platform of People Afected by Mortgage) remember that this decree will not solve the problem of evictions, but may even make it worse.

First, this moratorium is insufficient because it excludes most people affected by requirements that are arbitrary and discriminatory (For example, will benefit a family with a child under three years, but not one in the same economic conditions with two children aged 4 years). All the people who may lose their home for economic reasons are vulnerable cases. Is significant that suicide cases for eviction in recent weeks, none of them would benefit from the decree.

Second, it does not address the debt problem: only provides a moratorium of eviction for two years maximum in a few cases. During that time, interest continue to increase and, when finish the moratorium, debt will be even higher. It does not say anything about the people already affected by the 400,000 foreclosures that have already been made ​​in Spain and those that opened this debate. Thousands of people sentenced to be banned for life financial, with unpayable and illegitimate debts.

Third, the decree can get worse the situation because it ignores all the people affected by eviction from primary residence, is a case of extreme vulnerability. Losing your home without where to go is the worst thing that can happen to a person or family. Therefore, all those affected are in a desperate situation. Considering this, the decree may cause some of these people end up attacking their own health to the requirement of “serious illness”, or decide to have a child to enter the category of “family with child up to 3 years “, or even the occurrence of false allegations of gender violence, as it is another criteria of” vulnerability “established by the decree. So, this measure can end up causing more damage than it was supposed to solve.

In any case, there is time to rectify. Even late, the drama of the evictions and mortgage debts that affects thousands of families requires urgent action to address the situation. Therefore, we urge the Government to listen to the PAH: if something we have is depth knowledge and experience in the field. Our demands are not only supported by most of the population and, unlike banks, our opinions are not contaminated by speculative interests but pursue the implementation of human rights and the general welfare.

If you really want to solve the problem, listen to the PAH

Signed by PAH (Platform of People Afected by Mortgage)

Original Letter to the Congress

Source: [sp]


27 November, 2012

The most severe corruption cases of Catalonia uncovered by citizens investigation @_cafeambllet

Marta Sibina and Albano Dante launched the magazine titled Cafèambllet (Coffee with milk in Catalan) eight years ago in the town of Breda (Girona). Neither of them are journalists by profession but they were convinced that there was need for somebody to explain what was happening in the area at a very local level and they wanted to contribute to improving things through getting information out there.

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10 July, 2012

#BARCELONA #15M Newsletter nr 21

Hello from Barcelona,
this  is the weekly newsletter that will inform you about the activities of  15M movement in Barcelona, Catalonia and occasionally the main events in  Spain. If you do not wish to receive it anymore, please say so.

1. Seven million euro to kick a ball in the name of Spain, while the country is crashing down?

2. Culture tribal gathering: no culture without social rights
3. Hobbits decide to recover strenght before a new siege of Mordor
4. AureaSocial: how to manage your own rights

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